Would you like a portrait made of your pet?

Include your pet's name and if your little loved one has passed away we can include their years of life.

By purchasing this item, you go onto our Pet Portrait waitlist.

The pricing for our custom pet portrait prints are:

8x10" - $85 + $9 p&h
11x14" - $95  + $9 p&h

I will email you when you've reached the top of the list. If you could supply a nice clear photo of your pet looking ahead that we can base the portrait on. The above price includes two changes and I will email through a proof/s for you to check. Then once you're happy with the design I will email through a Paypal invoice for the balance. Eg. The above price less the $15 waitlist deposit.

Custom prints can take up to 2 weeks to be designed and made (as I have to fit in the designing around my kiddies and running the day to day business) but usually much sooner :)

I will be working through the waitlist as fast as I can to ensure you get this keepsake of your littlest family member as soon as possible!


Visit and follow our My Pet Portrait instagram account to see some of the portraits so far and also get the latest on the time frame which we keep updated under the profile information.

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